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Movement for Mental Health

Our Past Events

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Healing Artist 1:30-2-2:30 May 18th by Arenda Washington, founder of Created by Breath and breathwork instructor, is dedicated to bringing stillness and tranquility to our fast-paced world through the power of breath. She offers breathing techniques to help those burdened by anxiety and stress, encouraging exploration to unlock hidden superpowers within each individual. Through her classes, workshops, and sessions, Arenda aims to empower others to harness their boundless inner energy, guiding them on a journey of self-love, healing, and transformation. 

May 4th

 LA River Path Bike Ride. This educational bike ride and safety instructions will have presentations in both Spanish and English or translation.  Human powered transportation is an excellent way of exercising both mind and body.  We will welcome bikes, trikes, skates and wheelchairs to join the fun informative day along the river.  Knowledgeable bike repair and typical small parts such as tubes and brake pads will be available incase of breakdowns.

Discussions about the LA River will give participants the knowledge and we aim to spark interest in enjoyment of our outdoor public spaces. Mental health resources will be available

May 11th

Ernest Debs Park Hike. This educational hike will introduce participants to the healing power of nature within our cities.  The hike will be easy, with trails that are accessible to most people.  Focused on creating a community engagement event centered around wellness, movement, environmental education, and art  featuring  a range of activities, including plant identification, self-guided meditation prompts, virtual workshops by cultural bearers and wellness facilitators, and the distribution of grab-and-go bags to families.

May 18th

The Los Angeles Eco-Village Walk will be accessible for people with limited mobility and wheelchairs.  The Eco-Village is an Intentional Community consists of approximately 40 folks who have moved to the neighborhood to live more ecologically and cooperatively. The Eco-Village is demonstrating the processes—ecologically, economically, and socially —that manifest an ecovillage. Raising the quality of community life while lowering our environmental impacts, and expanding public awareness about more sustainable urban living.

The Los Angeles Eco-Village neighborhood, a place name, consists of the two blocks of Bimini and White House Place in the north end of the Wilshire Center/Koreatown area of Los Angeles.

The walk will include wellness facilitation and gift bags.


In partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, CalMHSA has awarded $6 million in grants to community-based organizations. These grants aim to increase access to mental health resources, reduce mental health stigma and discrimination, and expand help-seeking behavior through events that encourage attendees to take action for themselves, for others, and for their community..

Learning From You

After completion of the events, participants will be asked for feedback and a report about the success and challenges of the events will be reported to CalMHSA


Events are open to people of all ages, abilities and with care for the safety of vulnerable communities. Please ask for accommodations to participate in these mobility events  demonstrate and promote skills and practices that aimed at building mental health awareness, healthy practices, healthy boundaries, self-reflection, self-confidence and resources for mental health that are accessible.

Posters Fliers for Hike, Bike, Walk for Wellness (1080 x 1350 px) (Instagram Post (Square)) (Poster (X-Large)) – Walk for Wellness (2)

Pauletta Pierce is a multicultural individual of Black/Asian ancestry who was born in the French Hospital in Los Angeles Chinatown. Pauletta attended L.A.C.C. Human Services Department for Addiction Studies to receive her certification with CCAPP. She maintains a CADC II  along with Domestic Violence training for nearly 20 years and recently received a new credential as a Qualified Mental Health Specialist with CCAPP.  Her first start was with a non-profit agency called Cri-Help Inc. and she is currently with Homeless Health Care Los Angeles. It was through working with her clients that inspired Pauletta to direct her training towards Youth Prevention in her freetime. In 2014 Pauletta joined Roots in Motion Summer Camp Youth Program whose primary mission is to Cultivate Intergenerational Education, Health and Resilience to empower POC/QTPOC Youth. Roots in Motion focused on developing a culture of reducing our carbon footprint by bike riding, implementing reusing, recycling, and repurposing practices. In the Spring of 2022, Pauletta was an awardee with the Goethe-Institute in the Westlake/MacArthur Park community. It was there she created a 10-week curriculum where she partnered with Homie Unidos youth, to create a  program called “Vibing” with Cultural Leafs where she facilitated a collective art project that incorporated aspects of all of the  participants’ cultural backgrounds. She invited local artists of various genres as guest speakers, which she paired with her trauma-informed and social justice presentations for youth prevention. Pauletta then organized the participants’ first camping trip to Wishtoyo Chumash Village to conclude the program. During the height of the pandemic, Pauletta, East Wind Foundation, and other local organizations collaborated to assist the elderly of Chinatown at the Cathay Manor Senior Citizens 16 story apartment building, when their elevators broke down to deliver water and essential supplies. Since then she joined East Wind as a Director of Creative Development. 

Jimmy Henry Lizama was born at the LA County Hospital in 1974. He is a life-long resident of Los Angeles who has never owned a car. Which for most who reside in LA would sound at best impressive at worst absurd.

Jimmy has a long history in the bicycle movement in Los Angeles, which started with his father, Jorge Lizama. For the good part of twenty years Jorge commuted by bicycle to Beverly Hills from the LA metropolitan area for work. He would arrive at work every morning by 4:30 AM ready to cook breakfast for the morning shift. Without intending to, Jorge taught his son that the bicycle is a legitimate form of transportation and his example proved that. When Jimmy was twenty-four, his own bicycle journey began when he himself was running late for work. On that day, taking the bus meant being late for work, which was not an option. He then turned to an old bicycle rusting in the garden as his only option. And he recalls, “I actually got to work early. I beat three buses and my journey into bicycle advocacy and transportation began that day.”

In 2010, at the age of thirty-five, Jimmy’s son Joaquin was born. Never owning a car, he needed to figure out a way to still be mobile, active and figure out how to move his son around the city too. His primary motivation for getting into cargo bicycles was for his family, but it soon opened up a slew of possibilities usually facilitated by automobiles as a convenient way of carting basic necessities around in his urban environment. When he discovered the Flying Pigeon bakfiet he realized just how important cargo bikes are for families. He was able to get his hands on one when he was working as a mechanic at the now defunct Flying Pigeon bicycle shop, but that is not a common opportunity for most families. Cargo Bicycles are prohibitively expensive for most families to gamble on if they were not already sold on the bicycle lifestyle, and so he realized there had to be a better way for folks in Los Angeles to have access to cargo bicycles.

RIM is a project of KARMA

Karmic Action Retribution Management Agency, KARMA501(c)(3) is a community agency  that promotes public empowerment through education. We aim to support grassroots organizations that focus on communities most affected by economic disparities, healthcare inequities and systemic inequality.


  • Riding is good for physical health
  • Bicycling a benefit to the environment
  • Most outdoor activities are good for mental health
  • Bicycles improve urban transportation as a whole

Nature Hikes

  • Connection with nature is good for mental and physical health.
  • Experiencing the our doors brings passion and awareness to protecting our natural world.
  • Low income urban residents often lack access to nature.

Your generous contribution will directly support the personal development, leadership skills, and well-being of people in our program. By investing in their growth, you are investing in the future of our community. We kindly request your support in helping us create positive change.

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